Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server: Which is right for you?

In the modern age of Data, most industries need the best and more cost-friendly solutions for their businesses regarding storage and availability. In the 1990s and early 2000s, companies considered the on-premise servers for long-term benefits and data security. But it proved wrong as the per-user data requirements have gone up by zillion times with internet usage burst.

There are two substantial solutions that have already replaced many giant on-premise servers or data centres over the past few years, and they are 

  • Cloud Servers, and

  • Dedicated Servers.

Let us first know what they are, later differentiate them.

What are the Cloud Servers?

Cloud Servers are digital servers on the physical servers connected in series to serve distinct purposes like computing, storage, backup, and more. And few copies are made across other servers to increase the scalability and performance at any given time. 

Key Add-ons

  • Quick Server deployment as new servers instantly created

  • Improved Uptime and Efficiency due to excess resources

  • Instantaneous Scaleup as required

  • Pay only for what You use

Draw Backs

  • Very Expensive for the same amount of resources

  • Limited Access to High Storage, Processing Power, and Memory


What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server, as you know, is one physical server that is in its entirety belongs to You, hosted in the industrial-grade data centre. 

These Data centres’ staff monitors and protects your server from accidents and theft. Dedicated Servers cost less than Cloud Server.

Key Add-ons

  • Get High CPU power, RAM, and Memory

  • No need to invest High amounts of money and resources

  • No need to share the server with anyone else 

  • Custom hardware configurations are available

  • Beneficial, if you use the resources thoroughly

Draw Backs

  • You have to plan resources acquiring before it is too late

  • Server resources may be wasted, if you do not use it

  • Migration and upgradation are a bit tiresome

  • Deployment takes little time


Cloud Servers VS Dedicated Servers


Cloud Servers are commonly for

Dedicated Servers are commonly used for

  • E-Commerce Sites

  • Those who have Customization needs

  • Small Business applications

  • VPS / Shared / Reseller Hosting Nodes

  • Personal game servers

  • Game Server Nodes

  • Email servers

  • Big Data Analytics

  • SaaS applications

  • Large Database Hosting


On a concluding note, I would like to add that both Cloud and Dedicated Servers are good when used meticulously, like Cloud servers are costlier than Dedicated Servers. If you can customize your Cloud usage optimally, you can surely save money. In some cases, Dedicated Servers are the best choice though, some resources are not used, and performance is not compromised. I wish you all the very best for your future ventures, choose wisely and be successful.

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