In the modern age of Data, most industries need the best and more cost-friendly solutions for their businesses regarding storage and availability. In the 1990s and early 2000s, companies considered the on-premise servers for long-term benefits and data security. But it proved wrong as the per-user data requirements have gone up by zillion times with internet usage burst.

What is a Domain?

A Domain is a Name that you want to give to your website. 'Domain' and 'Domain Name' are the same. To get a Domain Name, you need to search for that name is available or not on Domain registrar sites. If it is acquirable, you can register that Domain Name under your name for how long you want to own it. In other words, it is like when you want to start a startup, you want to name it, let us call "X." You go to concerning authorities to register "X" for your startup.

There are two levels in a Domain Name like in "X".com, "X" is the Second Level Domain (SLD), and .com is the Top Level Domain (TLD).